For lack of an umbrella term for all existing application forms and identification cards, Eileen Campos is a Multimedia Specialist. As one, Eileen performs duties as a writer, editor, virtual assistant, website manager, social media manager and consultant.

She graduated from University of the Philippines in Los Banos with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. Her entire professional career encompasses positions in the hotel, travel and publishing industries. Her duties also include managerial and administrative tasks and she takes them on with style with an Excel file.

Her employment with Celebrity Cruise Line marked a first for the company as she was the first Filipina to be directly hired to the position of Desktop Publisher, which is traditionally given to native English-speaking applicants.

She has also served as the advertising consultant for a major non-life insurance company in the Philippines. She also regularly services international clients for all of their online needs from freelance writing to email administration to social media management. Recently, she has served on the Editorial Board of a few Philippine magazines, serving as a consultant and editor.

When given the chance to pull away from the laptop monitor, she spends the rest of her time with her daughter, dogs and the cast of the AMC’s The Walking Dead. She travels as much as her situation permits, going on organized packaged tours as well as solo backpacking trips. In a more informal setting, she takes the time to blog over at The Super Tourists.