The range of services I offer cover a wide spectrum as I was trained to be an all-around girl with some certain levels of specialization in some areas. Here are some of the services I can offer you or your organization:


Freelance Writing

Majoring in Writing in college, I was formally trained to do all sorts of literary writing. However, it is my professional career that honed my ability in writing features. Feature writing is definitely my front runner specialty. However, I also have experience writing radio ad scripts, erotica, business letters and documents as well as several print advertisements. Yes, you can read that again, erotica.


Virtual Assistance

As for my administrative skills, they have been a serious part of my resume when I moved my office into the online world a few years ago. Some of my experience include email and schedule management, historical transcriptionist, customer service affiliate, SEO writer, link builder and researcher.


Website Management

A fairly new addition to my repertoire of services is website development and management. Having been able to earn from my own personal blog, I know that any sort of online presence, for it to be on a professional level, must have certain components and aesthetics. And with a few years of going through these very components, I can now say that I am able to create websites for small businesses. Here’s an opportunity of my clients to be able to get quality websites for a reasonable price.


Social Media Management

This is also a fairly under-appreciated position that some companies altogether neglect. Statistics show that having a more visible presence in social media results in better business and a more positive reaction to the product/brand. As a social media manager, I am responsible not only for the usual Facebook and Twitter accounts but as well as other accounts where your target market/audience can be found. It may seem like a walk in the park but social media is a lot more complicated than simply liking and sharing.